Plain & Pre-laminated Particle boards

Plain & Pre-laminated Particleboards


Particleboards or 'Chipboards' are panel products that are engineered from wood. Specific sized wood-chips are used in making the board, bound by synthetic resin pressed under heat and pressure. The boards produced are denser and more uniform in their constitution as compared to plywood or general wood.


Plain particleboards are used for a variety of applications like interior fixtures, furniture, partitions, false-ceiling, doors, construction related use and industrial applications like circuit boards, speaker boxes, enclosure material, etc.

Particleboards are most often used for lamination with materials like melamine films, lacquer films, finished foils, decorative laminates, paint, wood veneers, PVC / PET films, acrylic films / sheets, etc. in order to give them a better look & feel.